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Broach Hill Citroen Driffield Junior Football Club
Driffield Junior Football Club
(Founded 2002)


If any playing member or the parent/guardian of such member on his/her behalf, or any person connected with the Club including members of the Club Committee feel that he or she has suffered discrimination or that Club Policies, Codes of Conduct have been broken the following procedure shall apply:

1. He or she should report the complaint to the Club Co-Ordinator or Club Secretary.
The report should include:-
  1. Details of what, when and where the incident(s) took place.
  2. Any witness statements and names.
  3. Names of any others treated in a similar way.
  4. Details of any previous complaints made about the incident(s).
  5. Preferred solution to the complaint if it is so wished.
2. The Club Secretary shall write to the complainant within 14 days of the receipt of the complaint setting out how the complaint has or will be dealt with.

3. The Club Committee shall deal with what are considered by the Club Co-Ordinator or the Club Secretary serious complaints.

4. The Club Committee shall have power to:-
  1. Warn as to the future conduct.
  2. Suspend from membership.
  3. Expel from membership any person found to have broken any Club Policies or Codes of Conduct.